‘No mask, no ride’ rule applied in South Korea


SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea has imposed a “no mask, no ride” rule following a rise in coronavirus infections from public transport. South Korea has made it mandatory for passengers on public transport, including buses and taxis, to wear masks since Tuesday.

Bus and taxi drivers can now stop unmasked passengers. According to the new rules, drivers of public transport will also be required to wear masks.

The South Korean government has made it mandatory for nine bus drivers and 12 taxi drivers to wear masks after being infected with the corona virus on Sunday. Similarly, passengers walking on the subway have also been instructed to wear masks.

Corona virus infection has been confirmed in 11,265 people in South Korea so far. Of them, 10,295 have been cured. Corona infections have killed 269 people in South Korea so far. The infection is now under control in South Korea due to effective measures taken by the government.



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